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September 30


Hi, I’m Morgana Best.

I started selling print direct in 1993 and ebooks (as well as print) direct from my websites in 2003.

In 2007, indie authors turned to the retailers, but now the tide is turning back to selling direct.

I write non-fiction for authors under the name, Morgana S. Best. Selling direct is a longterm passion of mine, and I love to help authors sell direct.

selling ebooks morgana best
Sell ebooks

Sell ebooks direct to your readers. Use cross sells, upsells, and high ticket items such as large box sets.

And preorders? Easy!

sell audiobooks on shopify morgana best
Sell audiobooks

Yes, you can sell audiobooks direct too, and on preorder if you wish.

Don't want to handle Support? You don't have to!

Selling paperbacks with Morgana Best
Sell print books

You don't want to go to the post office or hold stock?
You don't have to do that either!

Learn how to sell print books with a third part printer. You don't even have to calculate the shipping!

You alsohave the option to do preorders.


"I wouldn't have been able to get anywhere without Morgana's course."

"I wouldn't have been able to get anywhere without Morgana Best's course, Authors Selling Books on Shopify. It saved me time and smoothed out the process."

- Samantha Price, USA Today Bestselling author and multiple Kindle All-Star 2014 - present.

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Morgana Best hand-holds you throughout the whole process of selling books from your Shopify store.

Every step is laid out for you just as if Morgana were standing next to you helping you run your shop.

The course is self-paced and online. Learn in your own time.

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as the course is available. You also have free access to all updates.

You are able to download all the course notes.


1. Introduction

a. Overview of what the store can do

b. What is your desired outcome?

c. Benefits of selling direct

d. What you need to start a store and budget considerations

2. How to set up a Shopify store

a. A step by step guide

b. Branding, Theme, and Layout

c. International currencies

d. How to do menus on Shopify

e. Accepting payments

f. How to set up a Favicon

g. How to have a store as a website (with links to the retailers)

3. Setting up the books on your store

a Ebooks

b Audiobooks 

c Selling Print Books

c (i) Step by step guide. How to sell print books with Lulu Direct on Shopify

c (ii) Step by step guide. How to sell print books with BookVault on Shopify

4. Bundles, Upsells, Cross sells, and high ticket items

5. Reviews

6. Ads and Marketing

a. Overview

b. How to do Facebook ads with Shopify

c. Setting up free stores on Socials

d. Influencer marketing

7. Email and SMS marketing

a. Subscribers, offers, and forms

b. Flows/Sequences/Automations Email marketing

b (i) Welcome flow

b (ii) Abandoned checkout flows

b (iii) Abandoned cart flows

b (iv) Post purchase flow

b (v) Winback flow

b vi) Browse abandonment flow

c. SMS marketing

d. Collecting birthdays and other list considerations

8. SEO and Store speed - how to optimise your store for speed

9. Coupons and gift cards

10. Pen names

11. Merchandise

12. Other Apps

13. Tokengating and NFTs

14. Conversion rate optimisation

15. How to Increase traffic

16. Translations

17. Legalities

18. Store Policies:  a run through and you can copy and edit the ones provided for the Footer

19. Sales Tax

20. We study some Shopify stores


How to - Shopify discounts

How to - Preorders

How to - do a Look Inside

How to - Bulk Editing on Shopify

How to - edit confirmation emails on Shopify

How to - remove Materials Shipping & Returns on Shopify

How to - resize the files for Lulu 

How to - affiliates

How to - subscriptions

How to - point of sale