Course: Authors Selling Books on Shopify

Do you want to have an author store and don't know where to start? Or are you already on Shopify and at a loss? Then Authors Selling Books on Shopify is the course for you!

This comprehensive course handholds you through setting up and optimizing a Shopify store with author-specific advice. 

And in more good news, if you can upload books to retailers, you already have all the tech skills needed for a store.

Hours of how-to video tutorials, plus PDFs and over-the-shoulder instructions.

Suitable for beginners to advanced and answers all your questions, and more. No stone has been unturned—check out the lengthy course curriculum! 

morgana best authors selling books on shopify course

Your instructor

Hi, I’m Morgana Best.

I started selling print direct in 1993 and ebooks (as well as print) direct from my websites in 2003.
In 2007, indie authors turned to the retailers, but now the tide is turning back to selling direct.
I write non-fiction for authors under the name, Morgana S. Best. Selling direct is a longterm passion of mine, and I love to help authors sell direct.


"I wouldn't have been able to get anywhere without Morgana Best's course, Authors Selling books on Shopify. It saved me time and smoothed out the process."

- Samantha Price, USA Today Bestselling author and multiple Kindle All-Star 2014 - present.